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Where do I begin with my kitchen renovation? Once you have called Vadezza, we can arrange a FREE consultation or a home visit, and we will discuss what you are after in terms of your renovation and what level of work you need and required to achieve the look you're after..

Why is a Vadezza designer so important for my design? A Vadezza designer is trained and qualified to help you with your choices of work, and can also advise you on what's best for your home, and how to achieve the best possible design and what that design will bring to your life. Vadezza designers are not just about getting the sale or doing the work, we aim to help change your life for the better, by making sure any work we do, it's the best materials, the best lighting and the best usability of your space that you can have, and its only once we've completed the work, that you will really feel the benefits.

What does a kitchen designer do? Our Kitchens designers will find out exactly what your after in a kitchen design, and we also ask the right questions to discover what is important to you, and many times this is a small insight into what some customer may have overlook, yet this small insight can significantly add charm, warmth and class to your design. Once we have an idea of what you really want out from your kitchen design, you recieve a design that works for you practically while looking dazzling.

Is there a charge for the design service? You are not charge for the design consultation, and you recieve a the design and quotation free of charge too. If you decide not to go with us, yet would like to maintain a copy of the design, you agree to pay a small sum of £250.00 for the release of visuals, elevations & plans. And if you do change your mind and choose us to work with you the £250 is completely refundable.

Why do I pay a fee to release the plans and visuals of my design? The reason you pay to release the drawings is to cover the costs involved with the design, and the time it has taken our staff to ensure that every detail is correct. Some customers wish to use these plans for price comparisons or to start self-building work on their property, as such we ensure that you have received all the appropriate details such as planning control solutions, and approval for other building coontrol regulations.

What is the typical process of a kitchen renovation? The typical process would begin with an initial meeting to explore ideas for your project. Once we have established a brief, we then create your designs, and take you through the level of work required, especially if we are building an extension, or creating an open plan living space by knocking down walls. Once you understand the work, and you have decided upon a design, we receive a deposit to allow ordering of units and materials. Once work starts, you can rely on us to keep to a strict schedule. You will have a chance to run through the project on completion and create a "snag list" (anything that you beleive should be touched up or finished) before leaving you to enjoy your new kitchen renovation.

Do I need to have design ideas before I meet with a Vadezza kitchen designer? Some customer have a lot of ideas that they have seen on TV or in magazines and this is great for us, but if you haven't the time to look around and want to leave it in the hands of an expert, then we will sit down and discover what you are interested in. You'll have a chance to browse through currently "hot" designs on the market, and even the latest new gadgets. You'll explore colour themes, lighting design, and the overall mood you wish to achieve. You may be like the many who do not know where to start when it comes to a new kitchen or renovation, but after you're first consultation with us, you'll be spoilt for choice.

Will my kitchen designer help me choose all of the materials? Yes, and by the time you finish your consultation wit us you'll have an extensive insight in the materials and products on the market. We'll ask that you review with us every material used in your design, so you understand why it's being used and how it will benefit you.

How long will my kitchen renovation take? You can rest assured we'll be in as long as it takes to make it perfect for you, but we do not like to delay, and stretch it out longer than necessary. We understand that this is your home, and any home should be a haven for peace and relaxation. It all depends on the size and scale of the project, but we do sit down and explain every step, and you will be given the detail breakdown of the days involved with your project, and when we will be completely finished. Many customers that have used our services find that once we start, we work relentlessly to get the job done, and done right. Whereas other companies or sole traders have started the job, and it seems to take forever, and they can never give you an honest answer when you ask the questions 'when is this going to be done?' With Vadezza, you know before it begins, when it's going to be completed.

If you would like to know more about us or our company please feel free to Ask A Question? and we'll get right back to you with an answer.

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